As a newcomer to blogging, I wish to address a few issues:

First, this blog is intended to expand the revelation of God (and other information) to people around the globe.

Secondly, all information contained herein is copyrighted and should be treated accordingly.

Finally, unless otherwise stated, the information stated is solely the opinion of each writer and should not be interpreted as the beliefs or opinions of any other person, employer, denomination, or other organization/member.

I highly encourage you to read this blog with an open mind. In religious matters, please use your Bible as the source of truth to deepen your knowledge of the topics listed, and reinforce it with the insights listed here.

Thank you for participating in our discussions!

May the Lord bless each of us as we truly strive to discover and follow His Will for our lives.




[…this blog is not intended for personal attacks. Please understand that each person is entitled to their own opinion. Anyone utilizing this blog to attack another individual may be banned from future postings…]

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