Why blog?


Ok, so some of you are wondering “why?” Good question, after all, it’s not like I don’t have enough other things to do, right?

Well, I’ve been giving a lot of thought and prayer into my ministry since school has been out. I’ve come to the understanding that one way to help further the Word of God and support the Great Commission is to expand my reach into the world using the internet. Although FaceBook and MySpace provide social networking tools, they have limited flexibility to provide the types of information I feel led to share.

Therefore I have decided to start this website in order to provide insights, Bible Studies, and other relevant information to whomever may desire to use it.

I plan to create a blog that can be used to provide open discussions concerning topics of all natures. I will also post Church events and upcoming Youth events for parents and students alike to keep up to date with our group.

Thank you for visiting this site and I look forward to your feedback in my blog.

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  1. Wow! I love it when people in ministry have a plan. I think we’re gonna enjoy reading your blogs – and learn a lot. There is a church out there in the future that is going to be very fortunate to have you as their pastor! Keep up the good blogging – and learning – and teaching – and leading – and serving! (I don’t know how you do it all!)

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