You just don’t understand

Has someone ever told you, “You just don’t understand?”

As I re-read sections of The Shack, I am reminded that I  just don’t understand! There are so many things I just don’t get. Like why does God allow evil in this world? (see for a paper I wrote that explains theologically why God may allow evil).

Still, everyday millions of people turn from God or to God for answers to this and many other questions. Why? It’s because we just don’t understand. After all, if we understood, we wouldn’t need to ask. But why don’t we understand? Well, according to the author of the Shack, we “try to make sense of the world in which [we] live based on a very small and incomplete picture of reality.” (p. 126). God has a plan much greater than ours. I didn’t say “better” although that’s true, but His plan is greater in all ways. The scope of His plan extends beyond the limits of our small space, it even extends beyond time.

We attempt to fix things within our space (the things and people we interact with). And we attempt to fix things NOW. We sometimes don’t think about the consequences of our actions in the future. 

But God has a grander picture, one that covers ALL things through space and time. If we truly trust God, we wouldn’t attack Him and charge Him “guilty” when evil is present in our lives; instead we would THANK HIM for loving us and producing a harvest in us that is better than we could sow. 

God is continually growing us and if we could just see that, then all things would fall in to place. As the author of the Shack said, “If you knew [God] was good and that everything – the means, the ends, and all the processes of individual lives – is all covered by [God’s] goodness, then while you might not always understand what [God] is doing, you would trust [God]. But you don’t” (p. 126).

That’s a hard statement to accept. If we truly trusted God, we wouldn’t necessarily understand, but we would accept it. How do you trust God? We’ll talk about this more later, it comes through a relationship with Him. Come back soon and we’ll start work on developing that relationship!

{quoted passages taken from The Shack

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