Did Adam and Eve really have it that easy?

Genesis 2:15 – “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

I find it interesting that even in the opening book of the Bible, God didn’t tell man to “have fun,” but to work and keep the Garden of Eden. Here, in what is probably the second best area to ever live (Heaven being the best), man is told he will have to work. He is given a mission, and fails miserably at it.

Recently, I read that when you hear of someone else that has fallen, don’t judge, but first realize that you too are a sinner – just as capable of falling into the same sin that the other person has. Here, Adam, as one of us, the first man, proved that failure is going to happen. What matters next is how we respond to it. Later in the book of Genesis, we see how Adam responded (by hiding from God). We too, are so guilty of trying to hide from God. Why can’t we learn from other’s mistakes?

Furthermore, in Genesis 2:19 we also see that it was Adam’s mission to name all the animals. Today, we sometimes take “mission” work to the extreme and think we have to “go” somewhere to do God’s work. But there is MUCH work to be done in our hometowns. Please let’s not forget our hometowns. Sometimes I wonder how the poor people near our churches feel about us going elsewhere to care for others when there are so many within just miles of our church that need help.

Go and make disciples, but don’t forget to start at home! Adam and Eve had a mission to carry out that God gave them. Just like you and I, God wants us to succeed. He knows that we might “miss the boat” (so to speak) on occassion, but if you do, get back up, and start fresh again.

Try to follow God in everything you do. It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it!

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