15 minutes to a pure life

In today’s world, technology exists that allows us to store a multitude of information in phones, memory cards, and other electronic devices. However, this data is useless unless it’s extracted from its source and put to use.

Even in early times, the Psalmist recalled that God’s laws must be reviewed by man in order to apply them in our daily lives. He mentions the overwhelming need to learn and memorize Scripture, so it can be extracted and used to live a pure life:

Psalm 119:9-13

 9 How can a young man keep his way pure?
       By living according to your word.

 10 I seek you with all my heart;
       do not let me stray from your commands.

 11 I have hidden (memorized) your word in my heart
       that I might not sin against you.

 12 Praise be to you, O LORD;
       teach me your decrees.

 13 With my lips I recount
       all the laws that come from your mouth.

As I study the Psalmist’s words, it is clear that the only way to live a pure life, is to live according to God’s Word. But in order to live according to His Word, we can’t just read a passage of Scripture, obey, then go on to the next. We must not only read it, but retain it, so it can be recounted later and obeyed at all times. 

Only by keeping all of His commands, do we live a life that is pleasing to God.

Many Christians come to church to learn God’s Word. But unfortunately, one church visit a week is all that many people are getting. Because most preacher’s never fully preach the entire Bible in their life time, I would estimate that most Christians never fully learn all of God’s laws.

That’s why it’s important for each of us to have Daily Devotionals; a daily Bible reading on a consistent habitual basis. It has been estimated that the Bible only takes 72 hours to read. If we commit to just 15 minutes a day, a person can read the whole Bible in less than a year (288 days). At that rate, we can read the Bible every year and before too long, we can have all of His commands retained in our heart and mind.

Will you commit to learning all of His commands by reading the Bible daily?

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  1. I didn’t know those estimates on how long it would take to read the bible! That’s very interesting. Everyone should be able to give God at least 15 minutes per day!

    For me, some parts of the bible would take a lot longer to read – understand – so, I think it would take me at least a year, but 15-20 minutes a day is no where near as daunting as saying I’m going to read the bible in a year.

    Even with an 18 month old, I can take 20 minutes to read the bible – even if I have to read it to the baby!

    I needed to hear this today. I don’t obey God’s Word by reading it daily. That’s the first step to obeying His Word all the time. I’m going to pray for help to remember to read it when I’m sitting in the living room with the baby. He needs to hear it too. Even as young as he is, he can absorb some of it. He will absorb all that God wants him to absorb at his age. The Bible is the LIVING WORD so God reveals it to us as we can understand it.

    Sorry, this may have sounded a bit rambling or jumbled. I am typing fast as my baby is playing. 🙂

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