Psalm 97:12
“Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, and give thanks to His Holy name.”

Recently, I found a song titled “What do we know of Holy” by Addison Road.


This song pretty much signifies the essence of who God is. He is someone that we can’t even understand. His Holiness is beyond our comprehension. When we talk about “being good,” we generally mean that we haven’t got into any serious trouble and have “behaved.” We might have done some “minor” things that appear, in what we refer to as a “gray” area – something that isn’t bad, but isn’t necessarily good either – it’s neither black nor white, but gray.

But when we use the word “Holy,” we are describing something that is totally void of ANY and all sin. It is absent of even the slightest bit of gray area. There is NO body and NO thing anywhere that can associate any type of even the slightest bit of wrong with anything “Holy.”

Thus, when we “give thanks to His Holy name,” we are recognizing God’s goodness, but more than goodness, it’s a Holiness that we can’t even understand. We might say that we can imagine a life absent of sin and immoral conduct, but unfortunately as mere mortal human beings, we constantly have immoral thoughts and/or ideas that race across our minds on a weekly, daily, or maybe hourly basis.

Thankfully, God’s love and Holiness will not allow Him to think like we think. He is far superior and greater than that. And because of that, He will always faithfully fulfill His promises to us, without even the slightest thought to not fulfill them. His Holiness is greatly to be praised!

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