Remembering the good times

Psalm 105:1-2
“Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples! Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; tell of all His wondrous works.”

Today, we are reminded to “tell of all His wondrous works.” I think back to my first semester in Seminary, when I was tasked with an assignment that I had a lot of trouble completing. I was instructed to maintain a diary of sorts (a journal they called it), to log my thoughts 5 days a week. I struggled weekly to maintain enough entries each week to meet the requirement. I even told a close friend of mine how I felt I had failed God because of my poor “entries” and I informed him that a journal was not my “cup of tea.” I just couldn’t seem to get any help out of journaling my thoughts. Then, this past summer, I felt God leading me to start this blog (a journal – sort of) where I log my thoughts from daily devotions and interactions with the world and with God.

Since that time, I have discovered the reason and purpose behind the school assignment. There are days, many in fact, when we are depressed, down, or just not feeling good. When these days happen, it’s hard to pull out of the slump. It’s hard to remember the days of joy that we have spent with our mighty God. That’s why we need to journal – when we record the good days (which are more frequently forgotten than the bad days which are remembered) it reminds us even in times of great sorrow that the Lord is still there, just as much as ever before, holding us in His loving hands.

At all times, God is in control. In the good and in the bad, God never loses sight of us or our situation. In fact, during the bad days, I believe God is closer to us – and much closer than we think. We just can’t see Him well. But His wondrous works are all around us, ALL THE TIME. We just fail to open our eyes to see them. Therefore, when you have the good days, don’t just tell others about them, journal them down, store them for safe keeping, and then remind yourself of His wondrous works!

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