a message from beyond the grave

We often hear stories from people concerning the paranormal. We hear of near-death experiences when people describe a room they visit, or a hallway they walk through that, when described, has attributes we may think of Heaven having: a bright light, a peace, a comfort that only comes from beyond this life.

How many of these are true stories?  That’s for you to decide. However, we do have one story from beyond the grave that we can trust: Jesus came back to visit many people following his gruesome crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. He didn’t come back to describe Heaven, or to tell us what to expect when we get there. He came back with a message. As he was visiting the disciples:

Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” – John 20:21

Why is this important? It’s not important because it’s a message from beyond the grave. But it IS important because of who it came from and what it means.

Jesus, THE SON OF GOD, commanded His followers to be like Him. Pure and simple, He showed us how to live, setting the perfect example, and then commanded us to follow in His footsteps.

During Jesus’ life on earth, His mission was to find the lost, tell them the gospel, and disciple them into followers of Christ. That too is OUR MISSION. It’s a message we cannot fail to accomplish. God didn’t put us here on earth just for our own Salvation, but to aid in bringing others to God. Pray to receive a spirit of obedience today, and follow in Jesus’ example of preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth!

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