Pray 4 our leadership

I understand that our government is currently tackling some very tough issues for our nation. However, it is obvious that the split by parties has identified a true weakness of our current system. It has become a “he said – she said” party in Washington lately as the President rallies for votes and support on Healthcare. Unfortunately, they are not the victims. In fact, the health insurance plan does NOT even apply to our government officials! YEAH, how about that one. They get to vote on something that won’t affect THEM. Yet, we don’t have a voice . . . ?

I’m not wanting to get into politics. Although, I’m extremely happy that our Alabama representatives in Congress ALL voted against the Healthcare Bill. Why? I don’t see why our government should promote and support abortion. And that’s just one of many issues within the bill. Would you like to pay for insurance for illegal immigrants?  You pay taxes and with the new healthcare bill, people in America (yeah, not just citizens), but EVERYONE is supposed to get insured by way of the bill.  I still have some reading to do on it, but bottom line, we need to pray for our government that they correct their mistakes.

We need to pray for our leadership. As they currently debate some of the toughest issues that they have ever had to deal with, they need to seek God. We can only pray that many of them will come to terms with the truth of God’s Word and seek Him and do the right thing for our country.

Take time to pray for our leadership today!

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