want to go camping with God?

As I prepare physically to go camping with the guys tonight, I stop to ask the question: Do you think God ever goes camping?

Maybe you think this is an odd question. Since God owns everything on earth, and is everywhere all the time, then “camping” may not be an appropriate word to describe what God may or may not do….

So why do I bring up the topic? Psalm 15 asks:

1 Lord, who can live in your sacred tent?

The Scripture clearly states “tent” (in the translation shown).

With this is mind, it reminds me of camping. However, many translations use the word “sanctuary” which I believe may be more appropriate in context to describe a place where one can feel closer to God. Yet, I do feel much closer to nature and closer to God while camping, and experiencing His great creation.

But what is the answer to the question? Who can dwell with the Lord in His greatness? The Scripture continues with a second question, and the answer to both:

      Who can stay on your holy hill?

 2 Anyone who lives without blame
      and does what is right.
   He speaks the truth from his heart.
    3 He doesn’t tell lies about others.
   He doesn’t do wrong to his neighbors.
      He doesn’t say anything bad about them.
 4 He hates sinful people.
      He honors those who have respect for the Lord.
   He keeps his promises
      even when it hurts.  – Psalm 15:1-4

Now you have “the rest of the story.” I hope each of you enjoy the pleasure of camping in God’s wilderness as much as I do. I look forward to enjoying God’s creation tonight with the youth! And I expect to see and feel God with us; He’ll be camping with us tonight.

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