For MEN only!

This is for MEN only – women do not read this blog.

Sometimes we get in trouble because we don’t fully read instructions when assembling a toy or attempting do-it-yourself repairs around the house. I know my wife has told me many times that “If you had only read the instructions….yah-di-dah-di-dah.” Well, unfortunately, I have to admit that she was right (most of the time…ok, all the time). Anyway, there are so many things in life that we could do so much better if only we read the instructions.

Wait, you say….

There’s not an instruction booklet on every little thing. Well, there is! It’s called the Bible. Here’s the thing: we fail to read ALL the instructions.

Point in case: Jesus said 

“If you ask anything…I will do it” – John 14:14

Well, here we go with a case of failing to completely read the instructions. The entire verse reads:

 “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” – John 14:14.

Ok, so simply, we need only to ask in prayer: “Jesus, I want…” and wam-o-bam-o, it’s done!

Well, again, NO. We have failed to “understand” the instructions . . . and again, we have failed to fully read all the instructions. First of all, we need to ask for God’s Will – that is what’s meant by “in my name.” If we read all the Scriptures, Jesus tells us in the Lord’s Prayer “Thy Will be done” – not ours. That prayer is an example for us to follow.

The remaining instructions remind us that our life is no longer ours, but God’s. Therefore whatever we ask should be something that God can benefit from, not us.

Therefore next time you need some help, pull out the instruction manual (the Bible) and read about how life is supposed to be done.  It was written for a reason.  Use it!

Now for the women that read this anyway – I hope that you at least got something out of it – cause I’ve now proven that it’s not just men that don’t read instructions – but women also.  🙂

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