a prayer for forgiveness

. . . sometimes we feel like we can do no good. We may feel that we have greatly let down God in everything we do. However, God gave us the Bible to remind us that He is a loving God, willing to forgive, and that we are not without hope!

The Bible even shows us that some very great and Godly men also failed at times:

2 Samuel 24: 10 David was conscience-stricken after he [committed the sin], and he said to the LORD, “I have sinned greatly in what I have done. Now, O LORD, I beg you, take away the guilt of your servant. I have done a very foolish thing.”

Thanks to God, we too, can pray this same prayer! However, God does not want us to think that we can sin, pray for forgiveness, and then suffer no consequences. There are consequences for our actions. The passage above is followed by a response by God to David:

15 So the LORD sent a plague on Israel from that morning until the end of the time designated, and seventy thousand of the people from Dan to Beersheba died.

David’s sin was great, and so were his consequences. Remember, though, . . . David was a man “after God’s heart.” He was a devout Christian, following the ways of God, but he still sinned, and had to pay the price.

As we go about our activities in this world, we, unfortunately, will also sin. We will fall to temptation and have to pay the consequences. However, there is hope in the Lord!  The Lord promises to make David a “great name” among the people of the earth (2 Sam 7:9). God promises an EVERLASTING covenant with him (2 Sam 23:5). This is verified in the gospels of Matthew and Luke where we find that God’s only Son, Jesus, comes from David’s ancestry.

I can think of know better way to be known by, than to be a part of what Jesus has done and will do. The neat part though… is that WE HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY TOO!  We can be a part of Jesus’ kingdom when we come to him for Salvation. We too can share in the heavenly eternity that God created for only His children!  If you want to share in this opportunity, click this link and read about how to come to know God today:  http://whativaluemost.com/Gospel_main.aspx

John 3:16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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