how early is too early?

1 Corinthians 13:13 – “and the greatest of these is love”

Tonight on the radio while driving I heard the poem listed below…  And with it being Valentine’s day, it seemed appropriate to comment on love.

I have tried (unsucessfully) to find the author, but it still tells a good story (interesting dialect also). It  reminds us that we shouldn’t spend months preparing for a 1-hour wedding if we haven’t spent years preparing for a life-long marriage:


“Married at an Early Urge”

Nice night in June, stars shine, big moon
In park with girl, heart pound, head swirl
Me say me love, she coo like dove
Me smart, me fast, me never let chance pass

Get hitched, me say, she say okay
Wedding bells ring, honeymoon, everything
Settle down, married life, happy man, happy wife.

Another night in June, stars shine, big moon
Ain’t happy no more, carry baby, walk floor
Wife mad, she stew, me mad, stew too
Life one big spat, nagging wife and bawlin’ brat
I realize, at last, me move too fast.


Love is wonderful! But without God and a lot of prayer and patience it can end badly.

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. “Right” ??  Consider this . . . stop looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, and start trying to be Mr. or Mrs. Right (then you’ll find that Mr. or Mrs. Right will show up in God’s timing without you looking).

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