Traditions and the church

We have all grown up with traditions. Whether it be a family holiday tradition, or a church tradition that has been handed down over the ages, we all know some traditions and generally accept them as the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened in the early church also. For over 1000 years, the church accepted many traditions that were handed down year after year. While many traditions were probably not sin, there were some “bad” traditions undermining the church by the 1500’s (one of which was priests accepting money for indulgences or payment for one’s sin).

Throughout the ages, churches adapt and adjust to new cultures. We see it today in the modern church, as technology and contemporary Christian songs replace hymnals and the singing of hymns.

Now, before we go much further: don’t get me wrong, I’m not against change, or for it. I’m merely presenting a challenge for us each to consider. In the form of a question, I ask, is your church Biblical?

In Hebrews 10, we are reminded that Christ’s sacrifice is a replacement for the annual tradition of the priests’ offering of bulls, goats, and other animals as a payment for our sins. No longer must priests enter the most high place in the temple and offer the blood of an animal to pay for our guilt. Instead, Christ offered Himself, the Son of God, a sinless man, offering what no man could offer.

Not because of what you do, or who you are, but because of who Christ is and what He did.

His sacrifice took the place of a tradition that had been practiced for almost 2000 years.

While there aren’t major changes like that occurring today, I ask the question, is what your church doing right, or simply a tradition that has been handed down? If you don’t know, consult the Bible. What does the Word of God say about …?  And for goodness sake, if you’re going to use the internet to search for the answer, great, BUT, make sure you don’t read somebody’s opinion. Find the passage of scripture that relates to your issue, then read your Bible for the answer.

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