Should We Make a Kid’s Childhood Magical?

As a parent, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to spend time with their children. It just seems inherent to me to want to spend time with those we love.

Today’s society, however, has slowly changed. We no longer have time to spend with our kids. We are too busy transporting them from school to soccer to piano lessons. Tomorrow, we have to take them to swim lessons, and drop them off at church. The next day, it is back to soccer, and over to a friend’s house.

So, instead, we simply buy them extravagant gifts, dress them up in the latest fashions, and use the excuse that we’re too busy “doing things” to spend time with them.

What’s more is we are not to be outdone when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays.

We go to great lengths to have “extreme” parties with outstanding themes, “bouncy things,” and a clown or magician, spending sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars for a couple hours that will be forgotten with 90% of the rest of his/her childhood.

Recently, a Facebook post named: “I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical” surfaced in which the article further illuminates how we (as parents) miss the point of childhood. Somehow, we think we must spend hours searching Pinterest for an activity to “do” with our child.

In all reality, we spend thousands each year on “stuff” and “activities” for our child. But as we all know, it isn’t the shiny new toy in the box that the child is thrilled about, it’s the box! I remember those days when we got a large present, and the most exciting thing was being able to fit into the box and hide and play!

I remember going outside (remember what that is?), and playing, not with stuff, but in the dirt, in the trees, and around the house. A simple ball and bat. A sandbox, with sticks and rocks. A basketball hoop nailed to a tree. And . . . mom and dad!

Yeah, I remember when family went outside together and spent time doing things together.

Make your kid’s childhood magical by being a part of it! Spend time with your child today, and every day! Soon as they become teenagers, they will be too big for you to be a part of their life (until they get in their mid-20s and invite you back in.  J

When I became a parent, I realized the truth of my now favorite Bible verse:

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. – (Psalm 127:3 NLT)

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