need some Fructooligosaccharides

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), also known as oligofructose or oligofructan, are simply oligosaccharide fructans.

Now you know!

Isn’t that sometimes how we feel about the Bible? We hear a verse of Scripture or Biblical word in conversation, or even from the Pulpit, that by implication of its use is that we as the hearer, understand it’s meaning. Unfortunately, many times, we don’t know it’s meaning!

Unfortunately, this can happen quite often to us. Pastors or friends will read a passage of Scripture, maybe even meditate on it, or study it for a short time, and then decide to share that knowledge with others, but quite frequently leave out a lot of background that goes with it. Then we might feel a little foolish because we don’t completely understand what just happened. We may even feel embarrassed!

In my short preaching history, I have always attempted to explain passages of Scripture based on my interpretation and that of experts. It seems that sometimes the Bible is just plain “confusing.”

Honestly, however, it’s not really the Bible that’s confusing. OK, now I’ll probably upset some people with my next answer.

Why don’t we understand the Bible then?

I believe it’s simply our immaturity in Christ.

Now, I’ve gone and said it, I better explain: The first time I read the Bible completely was in 1994. I was still a fairly young Christian (2 years old), and took my Bible with me to Egypt so that I could read it from front cover to back cover (in order). I used to say “that was a mistake.”

But now, I know that I needed that. I needed to be able to see, read, and not understand what a lost person feels.

I still have that Bible, and when I read it the first time, I jotted down notes in red pencil. It’s full of question marks, missing pieces, and a variety of other notes I took during my first reading.

As I look back on that Bible, I can now understand many of the question marks that I had 20 years ago. Why? Because, as we say in Baptist circles, the Bible is the LIVING Word of God. It speaks to us. But in a manner that reveals God’s story over time. What we don’t understand today, we may understand tomorrow (or next year).

The more we study the Bible and pray, the more likely that God will reveal pieces to the puzzle to us. It’s just like trusting in God. The more we trust, the more we’ll see God’s plans unfold.

Even though we get confused on occasion when we don’t understand Scripture, I want you to think about how lost people feel when we ask them about their “Salvation” or whether they’d like to “respond during the hymn of invitation.” These CHRISTIAN words/phrases need to vacate our vocabulary when we talk to the lost. Use simple words that they are more likely to understand. Asking somebody if they “feel like God is speaking to them” is better, but you may find an even better way to witness without using Christian lingo.


NOTES: I would never suggest reading the Bible in order from front to back. However, I do suggest reading it book by book, in an order that suits your needs. Starting with the Gospels, in whatever order you choose.

For you curious people, and if you’ve had the patience to read all the way to here: I’ll give you insight on what Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are. They are simply an alternative sweetener and carbohydrate, that can occur naturally in fruits (like Bananas) and are thought to have a prebiotic effect (encourages friendly bacteria) to our digestive system. Sorry, I don’t know much more than that about FOS.

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