Another Manic Monday

OK, not the song, but just a crazy, manic Monday. I’m sure that’s how many of us feel every Monday as we try to catch up from weekend “fires” and bosses that are all rev’d up from the weekend.

But for many of us, we really do “wish it were Sunday” as the 80’s song narrates.

Why Sunday? “That’s my fun day!” is what the Bangles song portrays.

For many, Sunday is the day people come together to do “church.”

For others, Sunday is the day people come together to celebrate the joy and hope we have in Christ our Lord!

Which group do you belong to? The Psalms are full of praises and worship events from the life of David, where he fully understood the power and awesomeness of God Almighty. Other Psalms depict the struggles David faced in life. Despite those struggles however, he seemed to always come around and realize that God is, was, and will be in control.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom should I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom should I be afraid? –  Psalm 27:1 (HCSB)

For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,
but the way of the wicked leads to ruin. – Psalm 1:6 (HCSB)

Solomon did the same in the book of Ecclesiastes, as he pondered life’s mysteries only to find out that if/when we have faith in Jesus, our life can then be filled with an eternal joy, hope, and peace.

If you aren’t experiencing peace in your life, maybe it’s time to reflect on where your relationship with God is. Are you truly trusting Him as your Savior AND Lord?

  • Savior = one who saves someone from danger
  • Lord = someone having power and authority over you

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