Someone’s in my head

As I begin the day, it’s as if there is someone in my head. The voices are feminine, yet the person standing in front of me is clearly a man. It’s as if it was a bad lip sync to a poor movie.

With a set of headphones on and a couple translators in a skybox above the instructor, I hear voices. Never being in this type of environment, it feels odd to hear voices in my head – voices that don’t match the lip movement or the expected tone of the person speaking.

It may not be the best learning environment, but it’s better than not understanding at all.

Isn’t that how life is sometimes? We are drifting along, oblivious to much around us, thinking that we understand, when all of a sudden it happens. We realize that we truly don’t understand.

We think we are in control of life, and out of nowhere a train wreck occurs, and it is obvious that we are not in control. God is! But somehow Satan is right alongside of us trying to pull us in a different direction. We have voices in our head. But unlike a translator that is clearly communicating an explanation, we have two voices. One from the world (and Satan), but yet another coming from the Holy Spirit, directing us to the right path.

Unlike my headset, which does a decent job of blurring out the foreign language and clearly speaking to me in terms I understand, the voices in our head may be less clear. While we may know the answer deep within ourselves, it may be difficult to blur out the sinful voices.

So, how then do we choose? I think the answer is preparation. Unfortunately, when the time comes to make a tough decision, it generally seems too late to prepare. It’s like taking a test; without preparation, the choices are difficult to analyze. Therefore, we must study beforehand.

In the case of life’s hard decisions, preparation comes from studying the Bible, prayer, Sunday School lessons, and sermons. But I think another crucial ingredient is practice. We can do all of these things, but without practicing right actions, walking the walk, and actively following God, seeking Him in everything, the voices in our head will continue to be blurred. But if we are doing the right things on a daily basis, choosing Christ first and foremost in all things, the one true voice will ring louder than all others.

There is someone in your head; the question is Who is speaking louder?

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