Do you have more faith than your atheist friend? I think not!

Today, I was listening to a posting on Facebook (yeah, I know, not necessarily the most academic place to learn). However, an evangelist posted a video in response to an atheist about creationism vs evolution.

The video is in response to those who try to debunk creationism with the supposition that it requires faith to believe in creation. However, as the video points out, the “theory of evolution” is just that – a theory. That means it cannot be proven. Theory is based on observation and experimentation. However, because evolution has never been observed, it cannot be a basis for a theory. No one has ever observed evolution in the sense it is used to apply to the beginning of our world. Only Charles Darwin ever observed what might have been micro-evolution with finches on the Galapagos Island (which was really more of natural selection). HOWEVER, this supposed evolution may have also been evidence of various species of birds, not evolution , as some scientists of his times have reported.

It is even noted that Charles Darwin never once denied the existence of God. He was more known as agnostic, although he was somewhat active in the church, including having church on his private property. Furthermore, he admitted in his own books that if evolution was true, that fossil evidence should be found, which of course, has not been. He found a limited number of fossils which led him to believe in natural selection, but purely admits that the small amount he found is hardly enough to even establish a theory, much less prove one.

So, if we can’t observe evolution, then it requires faith to believe it.

In fact, modeling the theory of evolution:

1) chaos on earth

2) big boom

3) life springs forward

… would result in the following effect: watching a tornado pass through a junk yard and then at the far end, see that in all the chaos of the wind and garbage being blown about, that a well-oiled complex 747 airplane was put together ready for flight after all the destruction. Ok, if we want to be honest, maybe only a 1 seater was thrown together by the tornado, and then it slowly, over millions of years (as the theory goes) turned into a 747 with more garbage and tornadoes hitting it. Sounds like non-sense to me. But people who believe it sure do have faith in it! And I believe it takes more faith to believe that, then it does God!

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