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Yesterday I spoke about spiritual gifts, but didn’t get into details of the importance of each. I merely mentioned that each gift has an important role to glorify God. Today, I want to continue that thought through what Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12.
Paul uses the parts of the body to describe the differences among spiritual gifts and how each is relevant and needed by the other members to function properly. “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I have no need of you,’ nor again the head to the feet, ‘I have no need of you.” (1 Cor 12:21).

Some would say there are parts of the body that are less important. But let’s take for instance some of those parts. We’ll start with the part that we use to dispose of waste (#2) from the body. It’s rather nasty to think about, but honestly it is an integral part of the body that is required. Without it, you’d all be full of [something].
Now let’s take a look at body parts that scientists declare are un-useful, or “vestigial”: the appendix, the tailbone, male nipples, wisdom teeth, etc. What about these members of the body? After all, billions of people have had at least one of these parts removed, without apparent effect.

Appendicitis occurs at least 1/minute in the US alone, so removal of such organ must be irrelevant to the body function, right? According to science, they don’t do anything. Oops, there it is: “science.” [don’t get me wrong, I love scientific proven equations]
Science, that’s the explanation! Just like the theory of evolution (remember THEORY – means NOT proven), science has messed up. Science declared eggs bad for you (about 10+ years ago), and good for you ( Here’s another: Cholesterol is bad for you – right? Everybody knows that! Posted August 2013, “in fact, cholesterol happens to be one of the most important nutrients in your body.”* So which is it? Science would say, “well, it depends….”

Well, let’s just conclude that science doesn’t know everything. I’m willing to bet that we find out in just 10 more years what the appendix really does do [at least according to Science 🙂 ].

Back to the topic. Each body member does contribute (albeit we may not fully understand how) to our bodily function. Similarly, each Christian’s spiritual gift CAN contribute to the glory of God. But our obedience is the real issue. Will you use your spiritual gift the way God intended?

Some spiritual gifts are beautiful (singing, playing music), others are filled with love (serving, giving, teaching), and some are less pristine (cleaning, diaper changing). However each gift, when combined and working together in a local church (building or community), contributes to God’s great glory. Without each of these gifts working together, the universal church couldn’t function and we couldn’t worship and praise God the way He deserves. Don’t hold back your spiritual gift and be the reason that God doesn’t receive His well-deserved glory.

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