Locked out!

Ever get this message: “Your account has been locked out!”

Most employers now install some amount of security on their company computers; this software then requires you to log on. And with most companies, your password changes about every 30 days, causing you to either keep endless amounts of password lists (which are normally forbidden), or causing the unfortunate and infrequent message of being locked out of your account after you’ve forgotten your password. Of course, a similar message can be received from any website that requires your password once you’ve incorrectly logged on a number of times.

Even though this is a common and accepted practice among security departments worldwide, there is one very secure site that has no “lock-out” feature. Once you get invited to the site, there is no password. The only requirement is that you accept the invitation to gain access, and pass security.

Considering all the sites worldwide that have been created by genius IT professionals, this site still reigns supreme in terms of security and access. There is no way to “hack in” to it, despite your technical ability. And once in, you’ll never get locked out again.

In fact, there is no 1-800-number to call for help. There is simply a prayer of a salvation that grants access to Heaven, the most secure and ultimate site that you will ever want to enter.

The process is a simple one. And although some people will simply say going to Heaven is easy, it’s not the way everyone thinks. For example, do you think that believing in God will get you into Heaven? The problem with this thought is that the Bible does not say this is how to get to Heaven. In fact, the devil, satan, believes in God, but I’m confident that he won’t be in Heaven EVER again!

So what does the Bible say about being locked out, or invited into Heaven?

It can be found in Romans or John, or a variety of other books.

First, admitting that we need God is the first step (most denominations refer to this as confessing or admitting our sins (1 John 1:9, Romans 3:23, 6:23) The second part involves the belief – believing that Jesus is the Son of God and died to pay for our sins (John 3:16, Romans 5:6-8, John 8:24). The last and final part involves in declaring that we will follow Him (confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives)(Romans 10:8-10).

These three steps are summarized in Baptist Belief as the “ABCs”:

1)      Admit you are a sinner

2)      Believe in Jesus as the Son of God and that He died for us

3)      Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life

While this opens the door to Heaven, I believe a 4th step is imperative. And if we follow Baptist Doctrine, it therefore must start with a D to be the “ABCD’s” of being a Christian. The fourth step is to “DO” what God commands. Sure, you have secured your life in Heaven if you have done step s 1 through 3. But if you truly have done step 3, confessing him as “Lord” of your life, then step 4 is just a follow up and reminder that you will DO what God says to do.

Don’t be locked out of Heaven! Admit your need for God, accept Jesus into your life, and get free access for the rest of your life to what Jesus has prepared for you in Heaven. Once you become a child of God, there is no account for you to be locked out of. Why? It’s on account of Jesus that you made it in to begin with. You don’t hold an account, Jesus holds it for you, and He has paid it in full!

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