Difficulty 8a: Evil

If God is the creator of everything and the source of love, how could He allow evil into our world?

A not so famous person once wrote: “If God is sovereign and in control of everything, God is responsible for evil, therefore God is evil.”*  This is the stance that many atheists take, leading them to yet a final conclusion that God can’t exist. However, their thought process is flawed, because if we reverse their thinking: 1) God doesn’t exist, 2) God is evil, 3) God is responsible for evil, 3) God is in control…. Notice anything wrong? If God doesn’t exist, how could He be evil, or responsible for anything?

Another process to consider then is:

1)      God is in control [sovereign]

2)      God knows what will happen (both good and evil) [omniscient]

3)      God allows both good and evil to occur (even though He is in control)

4)      God is therefore responsible for good and evil

Why then does God allow evil if He can prevent it?

The answer may just lie in Scripture. Take the story of Job, for example. Job was a righteous man; yet God allowed terrible things to happen to Him. In the end Job’s faith was stronger than ever. Was God responsible for the evil? Or did He just allow it to happen?

The answer can be found in Free Will. If God had not given us Free Will, He would not allow us to sin. There would have been no need for a Savior, no reason for us to love God. In fact, God would have made us all love Him. However, that type of love is shallow. It is a one-way relationship that is not mutual, but forced through design. A mutual relationship is one where love can grow strong, and praise and worship are sincere.

A world without free will would be like shopping for a TV Provider: “You can use any provider you want, as long as it’s Charter Cable.” That’s right, no Satellite, no U-verse, just Charter. Doesn’t that make you feel happy? Oh, yeah, and you get to choose either the “Premium” package or the “Premium” package….that’ll be $300/month. Don’t need internet, too bad, that comes with it, another $75/month!

. . . blog to be continued tomorrow . . .

* source to be acknowledged in tomorrow’s blog

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