Difficulty 8b: evil and Free Will

A world without free will is not a world that I want to live in! The alternative then, is a world with free will; a world where humans have the right to be immoral, unjust, and evil.

By why would anyone want to live in a world with evil? And WHY would God allow this to happen?

Interestingly, evil makes good things better. Let’s take first a simple cup of water. In the deep south in August, an outdoor heatwave (unjust weather perhaps?, but not necessarily evil) makes a simple cold drink of ice water REALLY GOOD! A fateful flood where a baby is drowning (evil?) allows a simple human’s act of intuition, to save the baby, show bravery and heroism (an innate good that is brought to light only in a bad situation). Inherent evils allow “good” to rise triumphantly.

But what is evil anyway? We’ll actually discover that evil is a relative term (no NOT a “relative,” but a relative term, even though we probably all have evil relatives).

Is a lazy dad evil? Is he immoral? In our society, we would probably just say he’s lazy and a moocher. But let’s change the scenario, let’s populate a deserted island with just one family. The family goes around minding their own business creating a place to live. But the dad decides he’s going to rest. And not just today, but everyday. He never does anything but eat, sleep, and watch TV (assuming Charter has cable there :-). Is he just lazy, or now malicious because he takes and never gives? Does he now become a symbol of evil on the island?

We now start to see that evil becomes evil only when compared against “good.” Therefore evil truly doesn’t exist without good as the root. (Ooh, that’s scary!) But God designed us as good people (look into Genesis when what God created was “good”).

So, did God create evil? Or did He create good, and that which wasn’t from God, …that which was influenced by the Devil became less than good, and labeled evil? And as evil progresses without Godly influences, it continues to become more evil.

For a more in-depth analysis of “The Problem of Evil” see my research into evil at this link.

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