Are you a control freak?

airplaneDo you ever have a hard time giving up control of something? Some of us are control freaks. For those of you that are, I feel sorry for you when you have to fly.

Whether you are on a small commuter plane, or a jumbo 747, only the pilots have control of our fate. When we step onto a plane, we are giving our lives over to an unknown individual.

Ever thought about that? Many people don’t think twice when boarding a plane. But it’s true that our lives are in the hands of someone else, and we trust them to protect us. It’s true that plane safety is much better than automobile safety, but it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that we are not in control when we fly.

Yet, when it comes to church, the first time some people hear about Jesus, they are hesitant to fully give over their life to Him. And for a safety record, who has a better record than Jesus? Sure, He gave His own life, but in the grand scheme of things, how many people did he already resurrect to life, and how many more has He Saved through His life on the cross?

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. – John 1:4


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