shoes, shoes, and more shoes….

How many pair of shoes do you have? Women generally have more than men, because no single shoe can apparently go with more than one outfit (at least that’s what I’ve learned as a husband – no offense Kimberly – you probably have less shoes than most women). Anyway, I’m wondering – how many shoes do you have?

Let’s count how many shoes you have:

Your church shoes
Your work shoes
Your vacation shoes
Your public shoes
Your party shoes
Your family shoes

Have you picked up yet? While we all have physical shoes that we put on our feet; we can also replace the word shoes with “face.” Many of us put on our church “faces” when we attend church. Then we put on a different pair of “shoes” when we walk through the doors at work. And on vacation, we have a different pair we display.

Are you wearing a different pair of shoes when you leave the doors of church? If so, why?

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind – Romans 12:2a

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