Do you hear what I hear?

I know that I’m really rushing the season in this year, but for some reason, I’m already in the mood for Christmas. I guess it’s really a good thing though. It’s obviously better than being a “Bah Humbug”-er.

So with the onset of Christmas (yes, I’m not giving in, it’s here!), it’s time to sing Christmas songs! And one of those songs is Do you hear what I hear? by Carrie Underwood. Click link @ left to listen.

Said the night wind to the little lamb – do you see what I see? …
Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy – do you hear what I hear? …
Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king – do you know what I know? …
Said the king to the people everywhere, Listen to what I say….
“He will bring us goodness and light.”

And here we are, a people that have been told all these things. Why then, don’t we go about our lives telling others what we’ve heard, what we know, what we have seen Jesus do in our lives?

I’m just as guilty if not more guilty than you. So, how can we change?

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