Fire Evacuation plan!

I’ve learned a great deal about building code as I finish my basement. But one thing that I’ve learned above all is that the code is there for our protection. It’s not meant to punish the electrician, the plumber, or anyone else. And it’s not just there to protect the home owner from shoddy work.

It’s there for specific safety reasons to protect our lives and our property.

Take for example, the amount of wires that are allowed to be inside a junction box behind your electric plug. There is a limit to how many wires can come in/out of that box to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of fire. It’s a safety regulation.

There are codes on how many nails should be in boards that hold your walls up. Even code on how and where to place windows. Specifically, there is a code to address the requirement for an exterior window or door from every bedroom in your house for evacuation in case of fire. Even a code on the minimum size of such window and the distance from the floor it must be!

So why is this important. Well, for safety, it’s the law. We must abide, because these are the constraints that experts have placed on how to construct houses in order to properly be protected.

There are even experts that remind us that we should have a Fire Evacuation Plan, describing where your family will meet in case of fire, an assembly point so to speak outside the home, and across the street.hell-fire-burns-for-eternity

Do you have a fire evacuation plan? Not just for your house, but for your life and your family’s life?

In this case, the plan consists of Jesus, and nothing else. He will protect us, not only in case of fire, but from the fire that is real and described quite dreadfully in Revelation.

There will be a day when we are all judged. That day will result in one of two outcomes: an eternal life in Heaven with Jesus, or an eternal death in the lake of fire. Which do you choose?

Make a plan today to save yourself through Jesus! He already showed us how, just accept Him and His plan for your eternal future.

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