It’s almost Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving – The day of the year that we all stop for a brief moment (long enough to eat a huge meal), and spend time with family. What could be wrong with that?

Well, many families look forward to the get together, but almost all people dread that one person, or that one thing that will be said or done, and perhaps ruin the whole day. But why? It’s a ritual, a tradition, maybe a habit that seems to happen every year – and it just wrecks the whole day for everyone.

This year, I ask you to look past that. Look instead to the positives!

If we consider a larger event, say 2000 years ago, Jesus didn’t dread what His Father would do when He was on the cross. Jesus knew that He had a job to do: to pay a penalty we could not afford. He knew that His Father had a plan, He knew His Father would turn away from Him, yet Jesus still stood proud and did it.

Sure, He was dismayed at first, and prayed fervently almost all night that there would be another way, but in the end, I believe He knew that there was no other way. And when it came time to be Thankful, He gave all Thanks and Glory to God, for He knew that God the Father had a better and bigger plan than what He could pray for.

He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. – John 19:30

So, this year, don’t dread that obnoxious Uncle with rude body sounds or that mustache-lipped Aunt with snide comments about how fat you’re getting…, instead, use the joy in your heart that Jesus provided to allow you to enjoy your Thankful weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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