How can it be?

In the story at the Mount of Olives (John 8:1-11), the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught committing adultery to Jesus. The Pharisees declared that the law of Moses permitted them to stone the woman for her blatant sin. Jesus, seemingly perturbed by their ignorance of the true meaning behind the law, simply ignored their request until they demanded a response.

Finally, Jesus replied that any man that was free from sin was free to stone the woman. We all know that after a few moments, not one of the accusers remained behind. None were free of sin, nor capable of accusing someone else; when they too were guilty of other sins.

. . .

The only person that remained with the woman was Jesus, free of a life from sin. Jesus had the right…, maybe even the responsibility, to accuse her, and even stone her.

I can only imagine her sense of guilt at 1) being caught, 2) being accused before Almighty God, and 3) awaiting her punishment.

As she stood there looking at Jesus, He, unlike the others, rose above them and did not condemn her. Instead, He told her “Go and sin no more.”

I’m sure that the look on her face, and the thoughts in her head had to be something like “How can it be?”<click HERE>

Perhaps she would have said ‘I am undeniably guilty, yet you have forgiven me. Not only forgiven, but shown love to me.’

This song by Lauren Daigle describes the same feeling that we may feel when we realize that Jesus did the same for us when He saved us.


LOL = Laugh out Loud

I’m not sure the origin of LOL, but it came to be during the “revolution” of texting.

Other popular acronyms (that you may not know) include:

AFK – away from keyboard
BRB – Be right back
BTK/B2K – back to keyboard
C-P – Sleepy
IMO/IMHO – In my (humble) opinion
KPC – Keeping parents clueless
MMW – Mark my words
OATUS – On a totally unrelated subject
OTP – On the phone
PAL/PAW – Parents are listening/watching
PIR/POS – Parent in Room / Over shoulder
SCNR – Sorry, could not resist
SITD – Still in the dark
TMI – Too much information
TTYL – Talk to you later

Today when I got B2K, I realized I hadn’t finished my blog for today, so I decided I better get right to it, even though I’m C-P. I know it’s only 2:00, but IMO, it should already be time to go home.

SCNR the opportunity to use these texts to send a message of hope. I hope UR not SITD, or that this wasn’t TMI in one blog.

LOL (by Jason Gray) – is not my favorite song of all time – but MMW, it sends a good message.

Listen to it <HERE>. I hope your PAL too.


27 letter alphabet?

What is the 27th letter of the English alphabet?

I’m not a trivia buff. I could care less how many home runs Babe Ruth hit; I don’t know the height of the Eiffel tower, and I will never remember who played what part in any movie.

However certain obscure facts do catch my attention. This one passed my desk the other day. Did you know there is a 27th letter in our alphabet? Yeah, that’s right, 27!

So before I go on and tell you the answer, I want you to think about it. What could it be? <pause now…. and think!>

I’ll give you a hint since you didn’t pause. It’s been on the keyboard of every computer and typewriter for years. Most of you don’t use it in any writing at all. However, certain corporations use it in all correspondence. What could it be?

Hint number 2: This letter is one of just a few letters that can be used as a word, such as “A” or “I.”

Hint number 3: Falsely claimed by some to be attributed to and named after Andre-Marie Ampere, this letter was quite commonly used in his publications.

The answer is “&” – the Ampersand.

The question then is how and why did it come to be? First, let’s discuss the history of “&.” In Latin, the letters “e” and “t” were combined to form the word “et.” Et is Latin meaning “and.” Over the years, the style of the combined cursive letters evolved into the common day &.

Now let’s discuss how “et” and “&” became pronounced “ampersand.” Many years ago when reciting the alphabet, children would end the alphabet with …X, Y, Z, and per se “and.” The Latin phrase “per se” meaning “by itself.” Thus, the 26 letters, and by itself &. Per se could also be used with A and I (and previously O) because these letters are (were) also words. Over time, the slurred phrase “and per se and” became “ampersand.”

Now you know the rest of the story. But why?

I write this not to display my expertise on the matter – after all I get my current education from the same source as you – the internet. I do take the time, however, to verify my sources and information.

Many people trust that one source is enough. In fact many people never take time to read the Bible, they just accept what their Pastor or close friend says. However, I think we should all take the time to research our own Bible, pray for guidance, and seek God’s direction and truth in our lives. You never know where He’ll take you or what He’ll do in your life, until you follow Him. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s “non-trivial” blog.

PS – Did you know that “et cetera” or “etc.” can also be written “&c.” – now you know!

Not all cheesecakes are created equal!

For years I’ve been a cheesecake snob. Ok, really, I’m not sure that’s the right word to describe it, but bottom line is that I love Kimberly’s cheesecakes. And it’s not just because I have loyalty to her as her husband – it’s because I’ve never found better.

I used to order cheesecake in restaurants and enjoy them quite fondly. But in the last 5 years or so, Kimberly has perfected the baked and no-bake cheesecake – so now I’m always disappointed when I order cheesecake when dining out.

Well, last night as I sat in Mexico eating dinner alone, I found myself wanting dessert. Unfortunately, the selection was poor and cheesecake seemed like the best choice. Against my own advice, I ordered one….

And you want to know the result right? Kimberly won again. In fact, cheesecake apparently doesn’t translate perfectly, and what was described a cheesecake by the waiter was more of a mix between pound cake and cheesecake. Sure it had cream cheese in it, but I’ve never had cheesecake that was so dense, and somewhat cake-ish.

So what’s the point anyway? Well, Kimberly never molds and cooks a cheesecake the same. Sure she has a recipe, but the humidity and a variety of other factors always influence the end result. During the process, she adjusts appropriately, and the end result always seems great – and better than any store bought or restaurant cooked dessert.

The point is also this. God created us all unique. None of us are like any another (ok – except for identical twins – maybe). During our molding and cooking (that is our life), things influence our results: the weather, our family, education, and other influences in and outside of our home.

And during it all, the Head Chef in the sky is looking down upon us, trying to adjust us so that we come out great. The only question is…. are you listening and adjusting?

e-mail problems!

Well, it’s a common occurrence – computer failures that end up taking our time away.

In today’s event, I lost access to e-mail, and have been “out of the loop” and disconnected now for about 4 hours or so.

It’s amazing that something as simple as no access to e-mail affects the body and brain. I felt almost lost and concerned. Normally, this would not be the case, but after receiving a text from the Mexico security department, e-mail going down, and the internet being spotty – my mind began to wander what was going on.

Is it simply a coincidence that all this is happening simultaneously?  or is there something going on that I really need to worry about?

The answer is very simply: no.

There is nothing to worry about. There is no security threat. And e-mail going down is just a normal occurrence. Sometimes I really hate how much we rely on technology.

Isn’t it nice that we don’t have to rely on technology to speak with our Heavenly Father?

Any time of day, regardless of the weather, the traffic on-line, or any other issue, God is always there waiting and listening. And when we stop long enough to talk to Him, the line is open, never a worry about technology!

a baby changes everything….

In today’s culture of sexploitation, girls can sometimes find themselves pregnant in their early teens.

Teenage boys filled with desire and passion often use the words “I love you” to manipulate girls. The result is a regret that the girl cannot ever overcome, and for the boy, a guilt and shame that should last a lifetime.

Yet, we seem to accept it in today’s society.

For our own children however, we may think it could never happen, but ….

it does….

it happens….

Often, too close to home…

And for many unfortunately, both boy and girl are to blame.


For one girl however, she never said “yes.” She was never touched, not even once by a man. Yet, her life too, was changed forever. And so was his….

A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill <click link @ left to listen>

It’s black Friday and sales are way down!

Based on news from the internet, I read today that Black Friday Sales were up 11%, including over the weekend sales compared to Thanksgiving weekend last year. At the bottom of the page, I noticed another link to interesting news concerning Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales – it reported that sales were down 6.2% since last year. Which is right? Surely not both – it’s got to be one or the other!

Of course, the information was based on news reports, earnings, and sales figures from a variety of sources – none of which can be relied upon for truth.

Seems that the same thing happens if you ask people for the truth about politics or even religion.
Every seems to have an opinion, and I guess it’s ok, because we have this thing in America called “free speech” (at least until some emperor takes it away).

I’m not here to say that sales were up or down – I don’t know. I know I spent about the same as last year during the T-giving weekend.

I’m not here to say anything about politics, although I’d be happy to kick all of our politicians out of office and start over.

But I am here to say what Christ has done in my life. People can say what they want about religious leaders – they have that right. But I’m here to say that My God is alive, My God saved me, and My God continues to touch people’s lives every day.

My God doesn’t require you to bow down at certain times. He doesn’t require you to kill others. He doesn’t require you to do pretty much anything, except the same thing He did and does today. He requires you to love your brother as yourself, and to love Him above all.

That’s a pretty simple concept. “Do what I do” – how many other god’s ask for that?

You know – if we only had two laws in life, and everyone obeyed them – life would be grand!

1) Love God
2) Love others

You see – if you love others, you won’t take their stuff, you won’t kill them, you won’t cheat on them, you’d obey your parents….

And for government laws: you wouldn’t speed (i.e. drive out of control – because you wouldn’t want to hurt others), you won’t cheat on your taxes (because taxes really are for the good of everyone – it’s just people have ruined them – because they don’t love others), etc….

Moral of the story? You tell me!