e-mail problems!

Well, it’s a common occurrence – computer failures that end up taking our time away.

In today’s event, I lost access to e-mail, and have been “out of the loop” and disconnected now for about 4 hours or so.

It’s amazing that something as simple as no access to e-mail affects the body and brain. I felt almost lost and concerned. Normally, this would not be the case, but after receiving a text from the Mexico security department, e-mail going down, and the internet being spotty – my mind began to wander what was going on.

Is it simply a coincidence that all this is happening simultaneously?  or is there something going on that I really need to worry about?

The answer is very simply: no.

There is nothing to worry about. There is no security threat. And e-mail going down is just a normal occurrence. Sometimes I really hate how much we rely on technology.

Isn’t it nice that we don’t have to rely on technology to speak with our Heavenly Father?

Any time of day, regardless of the weather, the traffic on-line, or any other issue, God is always there waiting and listening. And when we stop long enough to talk to Him, the line is open, never a worry about technology!

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