Not all cheesecakes are created equal!

For years I’ve been a cheesecake snob. Ok, really, I’m not sure that’s the right word to describe it, but bottom line is that I love Kimberly’s cheesecakes. And it’s not just because I have loyalty to her as her husband – it’s because I’ve never found better.

I used to order cheesecake in restaurants and enjoy them quite fondly. But in the last 5 years or so, Kimberly has perfected the baked and no-bake cheesecake – so now I’m always disappointed when I order cheesecake when dining out.

Well, last night as I sat in Mexico eating dinner alone, I found myself wanting dessert. Unfortunately, the selection was poor and cheesecake seemed like the best choice. Against my own advice, I ordered one….

And you want to know the result right? Kimberly won again. In fact, cheesecake apparently doesn’t translate perfectly, and what was described a cheesecake by the waiter was more of a mix between pound cake and cheesecake. Sure it had cream cheese in it, but I’ve never had cheesecake that was so dense, and somewhat cake-ish.

So what’s the point anyway? Well, Kimberly never molds and cooks a cheesecake the same. Sure she has a recipe, but the humidity and a variety of other factors always influence the end result. During the process, she adjusts appropriately, and the end result always seems great – and better than any store bought or restaurant cooked dessert.

The point is also this. God created us all unique. None of us are like any another (ok – except for identical twins – maybe). During our molding and cooking (that is our life), things influence our results: the weather, our family, education, and other influences in and outside of our home.

And during it all, the Head Chef in the sky is looking down upon us, trying to adjust us so that we come out great. The only question is…. are you listening and adjusting?

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