LOL = Laugh out Loud

I’m not sure the origin of LOL, but it came to be during the “revolution” of texting.

Other popular acronyms (that you may not know) include:

AFK – away from keyboard
BRB – Be right back
BTK/B2K – back to keyboard
C-P – Sleepy
IMO/IMHO – In my (humble) opinion
KPC – Keeping parents clueless
MMW – Mark my words
OATUS – On a totally unrelated subject
OTP – On the phone
PAL/PAW – Parents are listening/watching
PIR/POS – Parent in Room / Over shoulder
SCNR – Sorry, could not resist
SITD – Still in the dark
TMI – Too much information
TTYL – Talk to you later

Today when I got B2K, I realized I hadn’t finished my blog for today, so I decided I better get right to it, even though I’m C-P. I know it’s only 2:00, but IMO, it should already be time to go home.

SCNR the opportunity to use these texts to send a message of hope. I hope UR not SITD, or that this wasn’t TMI in one blog.

LOL (by Jason Gray) – is not my favorite song of all time – but MMW, it sends a good message.

Listen to it <HERE>. I hope your PAL too.


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