How can it be?

In the story at the Mount of Olives (John 8:1-11), the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught committing adultery to Jesus. The Pharisees declared that the law of Moses permitted them to stone the woman for her blatant sin. Jesus, seemingly perturbed by their ignorance of the true meaning behind the law, simply ignored their request until they demanded a response.

Finally, Jesus replied that any man that was free from sin was free to stone the woman. We all know that after a few moments, not one of the accusers remained behind. None were free of sin, nor capable of accusing someone else; when they too were guilty of other sins.

. . .

The only person that remained with the woman was Jesus, free of a life from sin. Jesus had the right…, maybe even the responsibility, to accuse her, and even stone her.

I can only imagine her sense of guilt at 1) being caught, 2) being accused before Almighty God, and 3) awaiting her punishment.

As she stood there looking at Jesus, He, unlike the others, rose above them and did not condemn her. Instead, He told her “Go and sin no more.”

I’m sure that the look on her face, and the thoughts in her head had to be something like “How can it be?”<click HERE>

Perhaps she would have said ‘I am undeniably guilty, yet you have forgiven me. Not only forgiven, but shown love to me.’

This song by Lauren Daigle describes the same feeling that we may feel when we realize that Jesus did the same for us when He saved us.

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