Michael: an ex-con

NOTE: in the following document, names were changed to protect the innocent….

I recently had the opportunity to speak with an accused criminal by the name of Michael. Michael was indicted for breaking numerous laws and charged with impersonating a celebrity.

As a medical practitioner, most of Michael’s friends would never have considered Michael dangerous. However, as we all know, many people are surprised to find out the truth of people they thought they knew well, such as a quiet neighbor that turns out to be a mass murderer or an extortionist.

Michael, on the other hand, was commonly known to hang out with other criminals, and is an ex-con himself – maybe that’s what led to his arrest in the first place?

Not a very religions guy, Michael was also known to criticize religious leaders, telling them how they got it all wrong. However, he did like to attend church and could recite portions of the Bible, knowing it probably better than any other person.

Michael was unlike the common man. As a criminal he admitted his offense. He was willing to accept the punishment dealt by the justice system, including a death sentence that was awarded after very brief judicial proceedings. Michael was sentenced to death before he reached 40 years of age.

On to our conversation now….

Our discussion was quite enlightening as Michael is very intelligent and despite his brief lifespan, he undoubtedly knows more than any person I have ever met. And even though he has the opportunity to speak with many people, many of them don’t listen. Instead, they only tell him things he already knows. I’m not sure if it’s because of his soft voice or his simple nature that they don’t pay attention to him.

However, I’ve learned over the years to listen more than speak, because what he speaks is truly remarkable. And if you haven’t ever heard of him, maybe you should call him up sometime.

During our discussion, Michael reminded me to be like Him – yes, just like Him. Despite him being an ex-con, one can learn so much from him.

His phone number is 1-800-dial-GOD

By the way, . . . Michael means “who is like God?” Do you know Michael? Do you listen to Him?

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