Performance Review Time

It’s that time of the year when big (and even small) businesses get down to the basics and review “how did we perform in 2014?” For some businesses, individuals are also rated on their performance and receive bonuses, raises, or pats-on-the-back for a job well done. It’s a question of what did you do to enhance the company’s bottom line?

But the real question is not how well did your business do last year. It’s not even how well did YOU perform as a worker. The real question is how did you perform as a “Christian?”

Did you follow God? Did you grow yourself?

Did you improve His bottom line? Did you advance the Kingdom of God by discipling a lost person, or a new Christian?

Did you join a small bible study group, a prayer group, or enhance your Bible study through a reading plan?

Maybe the answer is no. If so, that’s ok! Why?

Because our God is willing to forgive us for our past mistakes. The next question then is not about making a New Year’s Resolution, but rather a commitment. Are you ready to commit to God that you’ll improve your life this year through growing your relationship with God in 2015?

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