It’ll be a cold day in …. Greenville

It’ll be a cold day in Greenville, when …

Well, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but then again, you know that!

But did you know how the saying “God Bless you” originated? Me neither. Despite my best efforts to research this, our historical records only go back far enough to document its existence as early as 77 AD, but not the reason. Centuries later would give rise to the blessing of sneezers to ward off the plague, but the practice seemed to have already been customary.

The real question – do you say “Bless You” or “God Bless You” when in public? Think of it this way – despite your surroundings, there is rarely a person alive that would frown upon being blessed for sneezing today. Therefore it’s a simple way to witness (sort of) when in any environment. Maybe you can make 2015 a year to start with “GOD bless you,” not just “bless you.”

PS – try to stay warm during the next 24 hours, but please don’t fall victim to the belief that cold weather gives you a cold. Germs spread colds, not cold air. If it snows, enjoy it, just stay warm!

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