HOT water freezes faster than cold water- really?

If you’ve been around any amount of years, you’ve probably heard this claim more than once. In fact, some people swear by it, others disregard it as fallacy and say that common sense won’t permit them to believe it.

For years, I was in the latter crowd, not believing it due to common sense.

But first let’s consider why some claim this “wild idea.” First, it’s been proven that hot water freezes faster than cold water. Now let me clarify this – it’s also been proven that cold water freezes faster than hot water.

Now – how is that possible? Science would require us to have only one “truth.” Justice, similarly, pursues the “whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Background: something not-so-commonly known as the Mpemba Effect happens when hot water freezes faster than cold water.

Interestingly, nobody knows what causes it, although many people have tried explanations which primarily include gas molecules and/or the transfer of heat to the top surface of a container and this super-cools the lower water.

Interestingly, it all depends on the overall conditions (environment, temperatures of both liquids, etc). But to make a stance and a decision myself, I delved outside last night during 20 degree temps to experiment for myself (with my buddyhot_cold_water Wesley on my hip).

Two identical shallow metal containers, 1 with cold tap water, another with 1.5 min microwaved HOT water. 10 minutes later, ice crystals were forming on the surface of the cold water, but not for another 5 minutes on the hot water. Conclusion – cold water freezes faster – duh, big surprise!

But wait, we never checked to see which one “fully” froze first. But then again, that wasn’t the question; the question was which freezes faster hot water or cold, not the “whole container” of water.

So, why is this on a Christian blog? Simply because there are many people out there that deny God and speak openly and freely. Some just say God doesn’t exist, and many others (including their children) believe them. If we all just believed each other, then we wouldn’t be able to think for ourselves.

Worse yet, there are others out there that will use Scripture to “prove” God doesn’t exist! After all, the Bible says “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1). [By the way, feel free to look up that verse now, so when the Atheist quotes it, you can be sure and quote the whole verse: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.” – Psalm 14:1a].

So what’s the moral today? Don’t believe everything you hear. Even if it is “true” – it might not be the WHOLE truth.

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