It’s bitterly cold out there!

After a week of cold temperatures in Greenville, some people have decided that they are just not cut out for cold weather. On the other hand, some have decided that it’s “not that bad.” I was in the latter category until just hours ago.

With the wind chills in the single digits, I was cold, but not necessarily overwhelmed by the colder than normal temperatures. That all changed yesterday evening as I went outside in the -20 degree wind chill. In addition to the biting cold, the high winds which blew sleet and frozen snow into my face did a great job of convincing me that I’m done with cold winters. I’d rather move even further south to avoid the biting cold of northern winter air.

However, none of this has anything to do with us being Christian. Except one thing: the exact opposite. You see there will be a day in the future (actually an eternity of days) when those that fail to accept the Lord will have to endure similarly unpleasant times. Truth is – they won’t have to endure biting cold temperatures, but instead, they will endure fiercely boiling temperatures in the lake of fire as described in the book of Revelation.

Now first of all, I don’t know why anyone would want to live (and choose to live) in such a northern climate where they have to endure biting cold winters. However, they can choose to bundle up, stay out of the cold, stay indoors, and a variety of other methods to stay warm.

Yet, those in the future will have no option afforded to them to avoid the lake of fire. That choice must come now, while they are on earth. The choice to choose Jesus (and Heaven) versus choosing satan (and Hell) is really not a hard choice to make. The problem is, most people don’t make an “active” choice. They think by putting off the choice until sometime later in life, that they have avoided making a choice. “I’ll think about it” – they say. Unfortunately, that’s a major problem. Because you see, it’s not a matter of choosing Jesus or satan. It’s a matter of accepting Jesus or failing to accept Him. By not accepting the Lord, one has rejected Him (which is choosing satan by default).

Don’t let someone you know fail to make the right choice now, while they still have time!

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