FIVE FEET of snow

IMG_7612FIVE FEET of snow

That’s what I see when I look out the window today. The weather is expected to add another 4 inches before the day is over.

Let’s be clear, this area of Canada did not receive 5 feet of snow this year at one time. In fact, it hasn’t received that much snow over the course of the winter. So, why do I see 5 feet out the window?

Very simple, we call them snow drifts. The wind blows the snow and when the snow reaches an obstacle, like a building, it starts to build up. The more wind, the higher the potential for a snow bank. It’s very common around the world in wintery areas.

IMG_7611In fact, I’ve seen many snow banks this week even underneath drive thru awnings, and other canopies intended to provide a barrier from the weather, and clear walkways. One rather large canopy had over a foot of snow underneath it this morning when I walked through, even though it never any snow fall directly or vertically down into its protected zone. Yet with each breeze, the wind blew snowflake upon snowflake into this “protected” area and influenced its new look, one flake at a time. In these “protected” zones, people still had to walk with great attention to their surroundings, so as not to slip.

Like snow, we can see a similar result with the Gospel. By yourself, you might feel your impact on the world is little. However, when we all put in a “little” effort, the impact can become large. Eventually, our influences, one witness at a time, can add up to a tremendous effect on the world as a whole. We can create a “Gospel-bank.”

Even in “protected” areas of religious freedom (such as workplaces and schools), our witness can slowly build upon others’ witnessing, and impact to an extent that we would never be able to do alone.

Let your light shine and be that little patch of snow (Gospel) that brings somebody to be more cautious about how they “walk” in this world. You might have more of an impact than you think!

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