It can happen to anyone!

It can happen to anyone: Fraud!

From credit card fraud to hacking, criminals are rampant in today’s society. As far as I’m concerned, credit card fraud could never happen to me. I rarely use credit cards, so the chance of it happening never entered my mind until….

8:01 am, 3/11/2015 “Chase Fraud Alert – Did you use card … at a specialty retailer on 3/11/2015? If YES reply 1, No reply 2”

Then it happened, that’s right! Today I was the victim of credit card fraud. Thankfully, my credit card company noticed the unusual activity on a card I hadn’t used in years. It was such a small amount that, on an active card, the majority of people would never question the charge. But still it occurred. After contacting the credit card company, they righted the charges and closed the account. But how many others are victims and don’t know it?

It happens every day! There are people everywhere victims of fraud in the world. Most people are sucked in by the innumerable commercials that sell the latest and greatest gadget. Others have their time sucked away by hours spent behind the walls of cyber space in Facebook, or in a vegetative state in front of a flat panel TV. Fraud, in terms of not knowing the truth about God, and focusing instead on worldly matters victimizes millions daily!

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having something you want, posting an update to Facebook, or watching TV. However, there is something wrong with that being the center of your life!

Dilbert’s corporate cartoon yesterday was simply the following:

Dilbert: “I’ve got two good prospects on this dating site. One is addicted to Facebook and the other is addicted to prescription pain meds.”
Dogbert: “Sort of a tie.”
Dilbert: “But only one of them is likely to make eye contact.”*

By themselves, the little things in life won’t get you…until you let them control everything about your life. Do you let Facebook (or smartphone, TV, or something else) take the place of God in your life?

Jesus said, “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” (Mark 12:30, KJV ). Benjamin Franklin said “Time is money.” I say “Where are you spending your money?”

Don’t be a victim! And don’t let your friends be victims.

1) Tell them about God
2) Spend time with God today! …and everyday!

* March 10, 2015 by Scott Adams, Inc. copyright 2014

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