Customer service at it’s best!

It’s spring and I’m ready to ride! I’m a cyclist by desire (not so much by activity recently). However, it’s only because I’ve had a few flats that have kept me from riding lately. And now that I’m starting to find some time in my otherwise busy schedule, I’m ready to ride again.

So…, in the course of the last week, I have ordered a replacement tire for my recumbent bike, and have been trying to find replacement tires for my CycoCycle. If you don’t know what a CycoCycle is, click this link.

Anyway, I recently contacted Dynacraft to get replacement tires for that funky looking bike, and the customer service was excellent! Not only did they respond quickly, but the reply was personalized, and they promptly supplied me with new tires so I can keep riding!

I’ve dealt with a lot of companies over the years with complaints, suggestions, and so forth, but this reply was over the top and probably the best I’ve ever received.

Come to think of it, isn’t that how the Lord responds? We call up Customer Service (Prayer), leave a message for the CEO (God), and wait for a response. What’s He going to say this time?

We all know that prayers get answered in one of three ways: 1. Yes, 2. No, or 3. Not yet.

Now, if we compare this to the story above about the CycoCycle, it’s almost as if Dynacraft has a better customer response than Heaven.

Now, let’s consider the whole truth. God is omniscient – He knows ALL things. Just because the answer might be “no” or even “not yet” – that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t answered our prayer with the BEST response. Remember, He sees the big picture and not just our little story in the middle.

We need to never forget a couple things when we need something:

1) We need to pray (call “customer service”)
2) Expect a quick response (although some might take longer, not because of God, but sometimes because of our attitudes, behaviors, or situation)
3) Accept His response as the most appropriate response.

Even more than those, we need to remember one final thing in prayer:

4) Listen! Although God may have responded to our request, there are probably other things that God is asking for from us.

Are we being obedient to His customer requests?

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