Would you be willing…

Little Timothy had experienced some tough times in his life, most recently overcoming a rare blood disorder. Afterward, his body began reproducing effective antibodies against the virus.

Unfortunately now, his little sister Susie began developing the same rare virus in her blood, but her body was unable to recover. The doctors knew the only hope for her was a blood transfusion.

With a match to his sister’s blood type, the doctor’s approached Timothy. “Would you be willing to give your blood to help your sister overcome the virus?” they asked Timothy. As his bottom lip began to quiver, he cautiously, yet willingly said “yes.”

Later in the operating room, little Timothy was courageous as the doctor’s hooked up multiple tubes and monitors in preparation to transfer some of Timothy’s blood to Susie.

As the blood began to move through the tubes out of Timothy’s arm, Timothy looked at the doctor and asked “When am I going to die?”

Surprised at the question, the doctor realized at that point that Timothy believed he was giving up his life in order to save his little sister.*

Just over 2000 years ago the same event happened as Jesus hung upon the cross. The blood flowed from His body in order to save our lives. The difference is that nobody ever asked Jesus to do it for us. Instead, He willingly accepted God the Father’s plan for His life and gave His life for ours.

The only question remains is – are you willing to accept the life He gave so that you may have eternal life? That’s what Easter is about.

*Paraphrased from @ Lifeway Sunday School Literature March 29, 2015

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