I’m not a fan of fundraising, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in them or support them.

As the month of April comes in, it’s that time of the year again for His Radio (the local Christian radio station) to have their annual “friend-raiser” where they try to gain enough commitments from the listeners to continue support over the next year. For the last two years in Greenville, I have supported them, although somewhat less sacrificially than others….

Today as I was driving back to work at lunch, they continued to talk about giving your “best gift.” For one family who recently had been through many trials they struggled to give! In addition to losing his job, the husband had recently overcome a long stretch of running from God.

But now…, the family was re-building, and decided they wanted to support His Radio. En route to the electrical department to negotiate with the management to not cut off their power, they came by His Radio personally. Then, they gave their best gift, two dollars, that they managed to not spend, and despite not paying their electric bill in full, they gave to support Christian music.

I’m not sure about you, but that’s quite convicting! Did I really give my “best” gift?

Some might say “it’s just music!” Is that really the best way to support the ministry of God? Fine, then I pose the question: are you giving your best gift to God in church, out of church, and at all other times?

And I’m not just talking about money. Are you actively participating in spreading the Gospel through serving at a local church or ministry opportunity?

Maybe more importantly, have you given God your life to do as He pleases? After all, that is your best gift. Don’t just give God your after-life, give Him your current life.

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