Man’s best friend

Let’s take a moment, and analyze “why” dogs are considered man’s best friend.

First, every morning he (or she) is lying in bed staring at you, just waiting for you to wake up (or maybe he starts the day for you by licking your face). It’s as if he is saying “can you believe we are still alive! It’s time to play!!!!”

Then, although you may play ball for just a few minutes, you are probably like the rest of us, and begin your day by showering, dressing, then off to work – at which point you may put your dog outside or into a crate for the next grueling 9-10 hours that he has to sit alone in “jail” awaiting your arrival later that evening.

Has he built up a grudge against you in those 9 hours? No, instead, it’s as if he forgot you are the one that put him in there, and he is soooooo happy you have rescued him, that he’s ready to lick your face all over again (and of course, play ball). For the next several hours, you prepare and eat dinner, watch TV, do some chores, all the while, pushing the dog out of the way so you can get your things done, or so you can see the TV.

All the while, the dog is loyally at your feet, whether laying down, sitting beside you, or jumping on your lap.

Never once does the dog get mad at you for the circumstances that you have caused. Instead, the dog loves you no matter what.

That’s why dog is man’s best friend.

I wonder does Heaven consider man God’s best friend? After all, we should love him no matter what (and honestly, God is not generally the one causing our circumstances).

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