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Today I had the opportunity to drive a new 2016 vehicle. Quite simply, it seemed to work the way any other car works today. Push a button, change gears, and off I go. But then….as I drive down the interstate, the music lowers, and “beep, Beep, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, Beep, beep,” then the music returned. A few miles down the road, and again: “beep, Beep, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, Beep, beep.” On and off every few miles, this beeping is driving me crazy, what is wrong with the car? Have I left the emergency break on? Is there a setting I forgot to change, or what?

Finally, I realize that the car has blind spot (BLIS) detectors – that must be it! Nope. The BLIS lights work fine, and then…. I realize the car is equipped with lane changing notification warning “beeps.” That’s great – but it sure would be nice if I knew ahead of time that crossing a line would cause the car to beep at me.

Several miles later, I get on a stretch of interstate and decide to use cruise control. Even cars from 20 years ago had that – that should be easy enough to use. I get to the optimal speed and hit the “set” button. No problem – I’ve got this new car thing all figured out!

As I drive down the interstate, I eventually get blocked in the right lane behind a slow moving truck, but before I have a chance to hit the brakes, my car has already begun to slow down. Did I hit the brakes without realizing it? No, the car has slowed to the exact pace as the one in front of me, and is keeping at a safe distance! When I’m no longer blocked, I change lanes (beep, beep….), and the car mysteriously speeds back up to my original cruise setting – all of this automatically controlled by computers and sensors.

Now I’m familiar that Google, Apple, and other companies are experimenting with self-driving cars. It’s only a matter of time until they are in every city nationwide: cars that are built to make driving safer as well as less of a participative event.

backupThe only dilemma is that most people don’t yet trust self-driving cars fully. Sure, it’s one thing to trust blind spot detectors, self-adjusting cruise control, and even back-up cameras, but we’re not ready to fully trust a self-driving car. As a matter of fact, I get it. We don’t trust the computer to be as safe as we can be as a human. In reality, the car (aka computer) is only doing what another human has programmed it to do. Why should we trust man?

We can’t even trust God fully. We state on our money that we trust God; our founding father’s put it in the Declaration of Independence; but it’s evident that today’s government doesn’t trust God and has actually walked away from Him.

But what about us? Do we trust God fully? Or do we only trust Him as much as we trust back-up cameras in our cars? Do you trust God with your future, what’s ahead of you? Do you trust that if you commit to God’s direction in your life that He will control the speed and destination that He has laid out for you? Will you allow Him to be your self-adjusting cruise control and set the speed of your journey through life? Or will you only trust Him as a back-up camera, with decisions that are already behind you?

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