New Year’s Resolutions are a bad idea!

I think we’ve all done it – made a New Year’s resolution and then blown it. Experts say that between 80 and 95% of resolutions are blown within the first 30 days, most within just a couple weeks.

And most of these are attributed to weight loss. So why do it?

Obviously, we “want” to be healthy, but for some reason, our little minds just can’t get into the habit of better eating, exercise, and avoiding the sweets (guilty here!)

Anyways, a resolution is simply a statement – it is not a promise to anyone. And just because it’s a New Year, why is the timing so crucial? I challenge you instead to make a promise to God. Maybe today, maybe next week or even next month.

OK, some of you are saying, wait….you haven’t even given God any time recently on your blog, and now you’re trying to convict me? You’re right!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to figure out what plans God really has for me. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked – I haven’t received what I think is an answer yet. For years I had a blog, then went without. Then back to the blog again a couple years ago, then it faded. I’m back.

For how long? I don’t know. I haven’t promised to God that I’m going to keep the blog going, but I will blog from time to time as I feel I have something to say.

In the meantime, I’ve challenged you to promise to God to improve one aspect of your life. NOT a New Year’s Resolution, but an agreement with God. I was convicted earlier this year to do the same, and I’ve already started. It will be hard, but I know with God’s help that I can achieve it.

I know that you can too with enough prayer and confidence that God will help you!

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