Happy Birthday Dad!

Today I realized that it’s my dad’s birthday. Almost 9 years ago he passed away from heart-related conditions. I’m somewhat saddened today, which is very unusual. Normally his birthday comes and goes without even an acknowledgement from me, but this year it’s affected me more than normal. I miss him. I’m upset that he never got to meet his youngest grandson. My dad was a great man and a wonderful father who took time to be with his children. I wish he could be here to guide me and help me be a better father.

However, I also celebrate in the victory that he had because He knew Jesus. Today, he’s in Heaven without pain or worldly concerns, and that’s a better life for him than it was on earth.

Although I would question his Salvation in my younger years, I know that he came to know God prior to passing.

Who would you miss if they were gone today? Do they know Jesus? Can you be comforted in knowing that they will be in Heaven, and that you’ll see them again someday? If not, take time this year to talk to them about your faith. It’s not your responsibility to “convince them” to be a Christian; it’s merely your gift to them to tell them about Christ.

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