It’s only a game!

I mentioned earlier this week to a few individuals that I was introduced to religion when I was a teenager. When I was 15, my family moved to Alabama. The day our household furniture arrived, I rode my bicycle down the street when a couple other teens stopped me and witnessed to me. They asked me one simple question: Are you an Alabama or an Auburn fan? I had to make a choice that day what my future held!

From that day forward, I knew what was important to many people in Alabama. Some might say this is the extreme, nevertheless I’ve also had the pleasure of serving in a church where the Deacons gathered early one year to discuss whether the church should cancel evening services on the night of the Superbowl. (Maybe they thought God might be busy watching the big game too?)

Although I tease, football is a serious sport in the Southeast and nobody should take it lightly. Yet, it truly is only a game. Next year will roll around and as the years pass, people will generally forget most of the details, (but not the FINAL outcome – did your team win or not).

Do you realize the same is true in faith? You MUST make a choice which team you are for. Are you WITH God or AGAINST Him? Today is the day to make the choice, and it WILL determine your future (for eternity)!

And even though the next year will roll around, unlike football, it’s NOT just a game, it’s your future. Although people will generally forget the details of your faith and actions, it IS the FINAL OUTCOME that mattersdid you choose God or not?

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