Idiot Light

That’s right. I think it’s the first use of that term in my blog: idiot. “Back in the day,” vehicles were equipped with about 4 or so gauges (speedometer, oil gauge, fuel gauge, and engine temperature – and sometimes a voltmeter, pressure gauge, and/or tachometer). Each of these were generally utilized by the driver infrequently to check on the status of the engine. Today, in most cars, the only remaining gauges are the speedometer and fuel gauge – although they have been replaced in some vehicles with electronic readouts. Most other gauges are no longer present in a car, but have been replaced by an “idiot” light – a light that comes on if the reading is abnormal. These lights generally don’t tell the driver if the reading is high or low, just that it is outside the normal operating range.

With or without idiot lights or gauges, I wish it was much easier to keep an eye on our spiritual life. Am I “full enough” of Christ today? Then again, that sounds like a stupid question. I’ve never read in the Bible of any such thing as too much God in our lives.

Ever feel empty of Christ? It’s a feeling that many people get way too often. Next time you’re feeling empty, be vocal about it and ask God to show up in a mighty way in your life. No need to wait until God gives you the “sign” that you’ve gone too far – that’s one idiot light I want to keep DIMMED OFF in my life.

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