Sinning, not sunning, at the beach

beach_churchIn Myrtle Beach, there exists these two words on the side of a building “beach church,” probably not two words you would normally associate with each other.

But for them, it’s home to a family of believers who gather weekly to celebrate their faith in Christ.

Christ was clear in the New Testament that church is not defined by a building, but by the faith that the believers displayed.

Whether you live at the beach, or just vacation there, are you displaying the true faith of a believer?

I’ll admit that during my recent vacation I sinned. I clearly stepped over the bounds of the Ten Commandments and knocked at least one of them out of the park. Let’s take the easy and obvious one for analysis.10Commandments

While there, I was envious of those people who live the luxurious condo life on a regular day basis. Whether its because of high paying jobs, or just family money, some people have the opportunity to live a “beach life” and I was jealous of them.

At what point does “dreaming” become envy? For years, my wife and I have talked about retiring at the beach. So am I truly envious, or just trying to make my dream a reality? I’m soliciting help here. I don’t know where to look in the Bible for an answer.

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